About Am I Flying Yet

Am I flying yet is a self-planning tool for people who want to be well prepared for their NDIS planning meetings and keep their paperwork securely organised in one place.

$300AUD Annual Subscription. Access via Flexible Core Budget.

Empowering NDIS Participants

Our Self Planning tool is a private platform and it uses 5 major life domains to think through goals, needs and supports and you get to choose who, if anyone, you want to include in the process. It also allows for easy upload of medical, therapy and other reports or stories, and self-populates a draft plan that’s similar to a formal NDIS plan and can be exported at the press of a button. There’s also provision for reviewing progress against goals and tracking your support on a daily basis if you wish.


Accessed from any smart device or computer with internet access.


Easy to use with video prompts and helpful tips to guide you.


Easily export and download your completed plan ready for your NDIS meeting.

Our Categories

Home & Health

This section relates to your current living arrangements and the state of your health and well-being. Health is about physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. It includes the practical aspects of life such as mobility, communication, and the ability to carry out the everyday tasks of life. It also includes peace of mind, being able to feel joy and feeling confident enough to go out and engage with life.

Relationships & Belonging

This section relates to the people in your life and your sense of belonging in the places you live and spend time. It’s about feeling you have a group of people in your life who understand you and who you can count on – people whose company you enjoy and they enjoy yours, people you can have fun with.

Identity & Freedom

This section is about how you define yourself and your hopes for the future. It’s about the freedom to be yourself and live the lifestyle you choose. Perhaps most importantly it’s about having a sense of mastery over your own future – being master of your own universe!

Learning & Working

This section is about your ambitions for schooling, work or learning and is very broad. For some it might be about exploration of what sort of job you would be well suited for once you leave school then actually making that transition. It might be about changing jobs or being paid better or moving from a single shift per week to full time work. It might be about volunteering in a field you are passionate about or learning new skills.

Leisure & Creativity

This section is about engaging in activities that you enjoy and having the opportunity to express your gifts and talents. These are important aspects of having a good life and need to be explored and supported.

Let’s Fly!

About Matt

Matt’s background is in policing and defence with a strong sense of social justice and purpose. He is committed to developing tools and processes that support people to be self-determining and empowered over their own lives.

About Valmae

Valmae has worked in the disability sector as an occupational therapist, policy advocate and facilitator for over 30 years. She is passionate about people being able to shape their own future.

About Emily

Emily is a primary school teacher who is deeply committed to inclusive education and lifelong learning. She is dedicated to people of all ages being all they can be.

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