Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions below. You can also refer to our User Guide.

Subscription and billing

How do I get started?
  1. After arriving at, you will need to enter your
    • First and Last name
    • Email address
    • NDIS number (if you have one)
    • Chosen password (which needs to include letters and numbers)
  2. You can then decide to ‘tick’ the box to receive updates and news from the Am I Flying Yet team (this is not compulsory)
  3. Click the ‘Create account’ button
  4. You will then receive an email verification
  5. Read through the email and then continue with the final step of verification by clicking the ‘Confirm Email’ link
  6. You will then be asked to sign in to your account using your email address and password
  7. Click the ‘Login’ button and begin the adventure!
  8. Your registration will trigger an invoice for your subscription being sent to your email address within a day or two.
Do I have to pay the invoice myself?
If you are plan managed, just forward the invoice directly to your plan manager for payment (if you have sufficient funds in your flexible core budget). If you are self-managed and have sufficient funds, just pay the invoice like any other from your NDIS funds. If you do not have an NDIS package with sufficient funds, or you are using the tool to get ready for the NDIS then you will need to invest in the subscription yourself.
Do I get a receipt after payment?
Yes you will receive a remittance advice (a receipt) on payment and your plan manager (if applicable) will also have record of payment.

Using Am I Flying Yet

How does it work?

The Am I Flying Yet Platform is a private, web-based application (APP) that allows an individual to describe (a) their current situation or story, (b) their goals and aspirations for the future, (c) the potential challenges or needs associated with their disability that might stand in the way of achieving goals, and (d) the supports they have thought about or been advised by professionals, might be useful overcoming those challenges. The responses provided can be edited at any time by the individual and automatically update in the Plan. When happy with the Plan, it can be exported to any email but is intended to be sent to the NDIS Planner.

How do I know who my NDIS Planner is?

The first step of joining the NDIS is to complete an access form which can be downloaded directly from or obtained from any NDIS office. Once that form and accompanying paperwork has been submitted and you have been accepted by the NDIS as eligible, you will receive a letter that tells you the name and contact details of your NDIS planner.

Who else can I send my plan to?

You can send a copy of your draft plan to anyone you choose. If you have a support coordinator, the Plan will assist them to understand your story and what you are trying to achieve with your NDIS budget. This makes it easier for them to find a range of potentially suitable providers and resources for you to choose from.

You can also send your plan to your child’s school or direct to your chosen service provider.

Who can I include in my planning process?
You can use whoever you choose to assist you with the planning process but remember, it’s YOUR plan.
Who else can see my responses?
No-one will see your personal responses or Plan unless you show them or export your Plan to them. It’s important not to provide your log-in details to anyone. They will work for you alone.
What if I change my mind about the goals I have chosen?
No problem. Just log-in and change or delete your responses and your draft Plan will automatically update.
What if I’ve already done some planning with a service provider or a circle of support?

The more preparation you can do for your NDIS plan, the better. You may have worked with your family or school or service provider on a PATH or MAPS process, or you may have created a vision board or other way of generating images of a future you would like. Am I Flying Yet is able to incorporate what you have already done and translate that work into a draft Plan that will save you time and effort in repeating your story!

For young people

Getting an NDIS plan is exciting but can be a bit overwhelming. If you’re 9 or 10 or older, you might not even recognise it as YOUR plan because you didn’t write it yourself.

Am I Flying Yet is a simple web-based app that allows you to write a plan that’s in your own words. It’s a plan that looks much like the NDIS plan but is owned and managed by YOU.

This tool guides you through the steps of telling your story, deciding on goals you want to achieve, thinking about what might hold you back, and the support you would like to help you achieve your goals. Support might be a youth worker to introduce you to new activities and new people. It might be about camps or software programs or some strategies for creating the life you want for yourself.

At the very least, you get to have a say, at the very best, you get to be Master of your own Universe!

For families

If you have one or more family members with separate NDIS plans, you might choose to use Am I Flying Yet self-planning tool as a family plan that keeps track of all the goals and supports in one place, including storage of all your reports and other paperwork.

Every goal has a review button where you can rate progress from disappointing through to excited! You can also make notes every day about the quality of service, ideas for next session and so on. Your entries become a journal of your progress and help inform your next plan review. It’s also a useful basis for your family to have a shared conversation about how you’re travelling as a family.

For individuals

You may be getting ready for your very first NDIS plan and concerned you might forget something important or not express yourself as well as you’d like when you’re in your planning meeting. Am I Flying Yet takes you through a simple step-by-step process for telling your story, identifying goals, potential challenges (needs) and supports to address those challenges. You can upload the evidence – the letters and reports relating to the impact of your disability along the way.

Your responses to the guiding questions can be as brief or detailed as you like and will pre-populate a draft plan that looks much like an NDIS plan. This plan can be printed or sent directly off to your NDIS Planner or Local Area Coordinator so you feel organised and well prepared for your planning meeting.

For service providers

Providing Am I Flying Yet to the people you support is a strong message to your staff that the support they provide is to be driven by the individual’s needs and goals. It is a practical way for an organisation to demonstrate person-centred practice and accountability for every hour of support.

The participant you’re about to start working with may like to send you their Am I Flying Yet Plan.  This will allow you to be prepare for working with them on an individual support plan as part of their service agreement.

Am I Flying Yet also encourages individuals to rate progress against goals and have regular conversations with their support crew about how happy they are with the support being provided.

For Allied Health Professionals & Support Coordinators

Receiving a copy of the person’s Am I Flying Yet plan – their story, aspirations, challenges and preferred supports in their own words, saves time and guesswork. It provides context for specialised assessments and better matching of individuals with local supports.

Reports and other documentation, photos, quotes etc can all be stored in the Am I Flying Yet tool, ready for export prior to plan reviews, change of circumstance meetings, and appeal processes.

Depending on the circumstances, the person may complete their Am I Flying Yet plan on their own or with assistance from a friend, family member or advocate.


I’ve explored the app and…wow! It’s great! Very easy to use and a beautiful design. 


Tristan de Mezieres

Love it.  A planning tool that’s easy to use, translates my language into NDIS language, and gets people with disability back on the front foot with the NDIS.


Marg Monaghan

This is so easy to use.  Simple questions help you work out what your needs are, what you would like support with and make goals for your future.  I’m in.



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