Welcome to our Am I Flying Yet website and first ever blog!  For those who haven’t seen it yet, Matt, Emily and I from Future by Design Australia, have been developing an NDIS self-planning tool in the form of a web-based app.  It was an exciting process getting it to prototype stage, even more exciting launching it a few weeks ago, and now the real work begins!

We have a few brave people who have subscribed already, knowing they are part of something special and that it will change and improve over time.  We’ve had many conversations with individuals and families who share our concerns about the challenges of getting into the NDIS and even bigger challenges negotiating a plan and budget that suits their needs.  The strongest message was that people want a tool that translates their story into the language of NDIS, without losing the essence of it.  In other words, people want an NDIS that delivers on the promise of choice and control!

Image of matt kneeling next to a man in a wheelchair showing him the planning tool on an ipad at the disability expo

The app is a subscription-based service but feel free to ask us about a no-fee trial to see if you like it.  If you’re applying for initial entry into the NDIS then the cost may be an issue until you get started but ultimately, the subscription can come out of your flexible core budget.  Just give us a call.

The intention is to use this blog to keep you updated on improvements and new features, post case-studies, tips and good news stories.  In a nutshell, we will be learning by doing, and sharing those learnings with you along the way.

The Am I Flying Yet website will give you the basics on how to register and use the app but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in some additional help.  I’m an NDIS registered Occupational Therapist and if I can’t answer your questions, I’ll connect you with someone who can.

You deserve to fly!

Valmae Rose